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My Book – Stitching a Book with Karen Ruane

This was a wonderful course and I learnt so much, still some small things to do in the book, but I made a video of the work so enjoy and thank you for visiting.




Ballarat Fibre Forum -Winter 2016

My workshop was titled “Architectural Texture” and we were required to bring organza, thread, and sewing machine. Our tutor Erica Gray on the first day set us sewing different samples that simulated, wooden sides of houses, and different roofing material…tiles, slate and corrugated iron…all in pin tucks on organza..what a challenge.

Then we decided upon our piece of architecture, my selection was a General Store. Our pieces were 75cm x 75 cm for the front. As mine was constructed of wooden boards I set about pintucking my piece and below is the finished front a day later with only the door added.


After a lot of sewing I finally completed the roof but was disappointed in the organza (so good quality organza is required). It was crystal organza and it slid while being sewed.

Below is the finished piece. The piece is meant to hang from the ceiling but we could only use flat boards for display.

General store





Ballarat Fibre Forum April 2016

This posting is from, my recent workshop at Fibre Forums – Contemporary Stitch with Sue Ferrari. It was an informative workshop where we stitch with different fibres, the pony and cow hair was amazing. We also sewed into different mediums-balsa wood, carpet foam, acetate, paper and of course materials. The class project was amazing, we were all given a tracing on our black fabric and we had to sew only with white thread in the boundaries of the tracing. When it was put together it was a surprise…Vermeer’s “Lady with the Pearl Earring”. At the auction on the last night it raised $300.00 for the “Mind” project.

Girl with Pearl earing



Sewing into Foam


Sewing into Balsa wood


Acetate and paper

My final piece was designed around sewing letters into the negative space around an image. The material was hand dyed silk organza fused to black tulle.


Playing with Monoprints

I have always liked monoprinting and recently let out a lot of emotions through this medium. I intend to stitch my samples and have completed two so far. The first image was printed onto sheer curtain material.


Blog monoprint2

For this piece I used a large ziplock bag as my printing plate and a calligraphy brush to “draw” and then stitched in red.

Box Purse



This is a box purse that I have completed for my Distant Stitch course. Funky but nice.

Lisa Call – Design Elements

I am currently working on design elements with Lisa Call. This is a thoughtful and creative workshop, so I have posted here some of my work, not everything is a quilt.

Assignment #6 – Colour

From my sketchbook

Assignment 6c

Assignment 6d

Composition using Warm and Cool colours:

Assignment 6g


Assignment #5 – Value

From my sketchbook:-

Assignment 5 a 

Assignment 5 h

Succulent low and high key


Photograph in Low and High Key of succulents in my garden

My Completed Assignment:-

Op Art in black and white stripe fabric.

Op Art Fabric


Assignment #4 -Texture/Scale/Proportion

From my sketchbook:-

Texture 1

Texture figures

Texture material


My Completed Assignment:-

Collage of Bottles in different scale and proportion in three panels.

Texture Composition

Assignment # 3 – Space/Motion/Direction

From my sketchbook:-

Motion 3

Motion 7

Motion 6

My Completed Assignment:-



Addignment #2 – Shape/Figure/Ground

From my sketchbook:-

Shape 1

Shape 3

Shape 6

Shape 7

My Completed Assignment:-

Digital Design based on letter "S"

Composition #2


Assignment #1 – Line

From my sketchbook:-


Ink and Pen

Oil Pastel

My Completed Assignment:-:

Pen and ink Sketch





Some Pendant work

I have always wanted to capture cabochons and so I took a class over at Artful Gathering and below are my results.





Onyx pendant

Practical weaving

My favourite chair needed some TLC so I wove patches over the worn areas.


My man

Evenings or quiet moments were spent weaving my man. I used a long plastic containers as my loom.

Figure weave

Recent work completed – Weaving

I have finished my square weaving insert and a small piece woven from rust dyed fabric.

Fabric insert


Woven rust fabric


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